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Barb von DietherDR. BARBARA von DIETHER, M.Ed., Ed.D. guides students through difficult advisor relationships and hazy research proposals. She helps students organize research; write theses and dissertations that connect with advisor, committee, and graduate school demands; and prepares students for final defense presentations.

She helps address doctoral PhD committee and thesis committee comments.

She can assist students with their dissertation, thesis, and term paper preparation. She is also a writing coach and an academic, business, and technical writing consultant.


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Academic Advising
Graduate on time
Dr. von Diether guides students through difficult advisor relationships and hazy research proposals.

Academic Writing
Maximize the time and money invested towards obtaining a higher degree
Dr. von Diether helps students write theses and dissertations that connect with advisor, committee, and graduate school demands. Dr. von Diether helps organize research and content and prepares students for the final defense.

  • Graduate research and writing coordinator at Utah State University (12 years).
  • Counseled over 300 students a year who were seeking help with the graduate process.
  • Helped formulate the Publication Guide for Graduate Students (Utah State University Press, 1980).
  • Final editorial review (reader) for theses and dissertations from 54 departments.
  • As president of the American Association of University Professors (Utah Conference), met with the Board of Regents and college and university presidents to resolve faculty conflicts.
  • Wrote grants for research funding that supported graduate students.

Proven Success in Higher Education Administration

  • Dr. von Diether was a Dean at Utah Valley State College for 10 years, and instrumental in the funding and construction of the Wasatch Campus.
  • She conducted needs assessments and designed the curriculum, then hired and managed 46 instructors and professors, and 10 staff members.

Proven Experience in Business, Industry, and Government

  • Dr. von Diether was an international consultant for Shipley Associates (shipleywins.com) for 12 years working with such companies as Esso Oil in England, Continental Oil in Columbia, and IBM in Canada.
  • In addition, she had large contracts teaching technical writing for such companies as General Motors, At&T, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett Packard, and others.
  • She was a weapons systems consultant in the defense industry for such companies as General Dynamics, Northop Aviation, Rockwell International, and McDonnell Douglas.
  • In all, companies she worked with won $16 billion in contracts.
  • She has a SECRET clearance and worked for the FBI, the CIA, and companies doing classified work such as Loral Electronics, Hughes GRD Systems, and Ford Aerospace.
  • In addition, she worked extensively with government agencies writing environmental documents, such as the US Forest Service, the BLM, and the Corp of Engineers. She was a research report ghostwriter for the Environmental Protection Agency.

She authored “Righting Rotten Writing” in Training Magazine (April 1992), a summary of problems professionals encounter while writing at work, and solutions to those problems.

Professional Experience

Dean, and Assistant to the President for Special Projects 
Utah Valley State College, 1992 to 2002
Created and operated the Wasatch Campus of the college in Heber City, Utah. Managed 46 instructors and 10 staff members, and a $2 million budget. Created a curriculum compatible with the area and student needs. Created a 50-acre campus by obtaining land donations from farmers, and raised $11 million from private donors and the state Legislature, with support from the college President and the community, to build a 57,000 sq. ft. building. Wrote numerous proposals. Raised awareness of the program in two counties through concentrated public relations and publicity.

The Summit Institute, 1993 to 2002
Created and developed a non-profit organization with an international Board of Directors to promote the internationalization of the drug approval process. Met with FDA in Washington, and drug companies on the eastern seaboard and in Europe. Wrote proposals to obtain funds.

Senior Consultant 
Shipley Associate, 1979 to 1992
Consulted with business, industry, and government clients (see attached client list at end of resume) to research and solve writing problems among senior and professional staff. Traveled 48 of 52 weeks across the United States, and in Europe, South America, and Canada, to deliver two-to-five day workshops about writing in several specific subject areas, such as the design and writing of competitive proposals in the defense industry, environmental impact statement writing for government agencies and private companies, and technical writing for specific industries, such as oil companies. Helped design win strategies with senior management, and wrote executive summaries and parts of proposals for clients.

Graduate Research and Writing Coordinator
Utah State University, 1969 to 1979
Administered graduate research writing program, including grants for research funds, thesis and dissertation writing. Set publication policy and procedures and recommended changes to the Graduate Dean and Graduate Council. Managed print and archival program for School of Graduate Studies. Deeply engaged in higher education politics.


EdD — Educational Administration, 1977, Brigham Young University

MEd — Education Technology, 1971, Utah State University

BS — English, Speech, and Drama, 1969, Southern Utah University

Secondary Teaching Credential, State of Utah, 1969-2002

BA — English, University of California at Berkeley, 1954

Security Clearance SECRET, granted February 12, 1987 by DISCO


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“Not sure if I ever thanked you for your assistance….but again, really thank you for all that you do with dissertations, thesis, papers, etc! You were an angel at a time of need. Perhaps an exaggeration, but it definitely felt that way at the time. I just ran across your name in my emails and wanted to let you know that what you do, really does make a difference!” – B Smith, Assistant Principal

“Barb, The methodologist stated the proposal is ready to go forward. The content expert approved it two weeks ago. You are my personal “ANGEL” and  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I prayed for help and you came into my life.”  George


“Outstanding! I know that this feels like a huge burden off of your shoulders. Job well done. Congratulations DR. JONES!! Chair:” (On file with network coordinator)

“Barb, I graduated, PhD degree awarded, on December 16, 2011. I couldn’t have made it without your help!” Viveca. (On file with network coordinator)

“I thought pursuing a PhD included a ‘hazing process.’ The more the world world acknowledged [my daughter’s] work the less her chair was supportive, eventually becoming disrespectful. I knew there was a serious problem when the chair strictly prohibited her from communicating with any of her other committee members. There were other professional boundaries crossed that I will not relate, but were utterly unacceptable in this day and age. We were told her chair could deny her the degree after all these years of work. Now we know this accomplishment would not have happened without you. God has given you a gift, and I believe He sent you to [my daughter] at just the right moment. The result speaks for itself. I think you gave her the courage to say enough was enough and, for whatever reason, her chair resigned. The new chair was incredible and 6 weeks later…it’s all over. The honor and respect you bestowed on her, and the experience she had at her defense, covered a multitude of painful experiences. Thank you for showing her the simple gift of kindness and respect coupled with affirmation of a job well done.” David (On file with network coordinator)

“Dr. Barb, I have finally been approved to submit my paper to the board for review. Thank you! You have been more of a mentor than the three that I have had.” Shawntay (On file with network coordinator)

“My dissertation was finally approved! Thanks in large part to your dissertation assistance and encouragement, the NCU OAR finally accepted it. Again, I really want to thank you for all the help. My dissertation is now off to the provost for final review prior to setting up my defense.” –Damon (On file with network coordinator)

“Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance. The committee signed off on the dissertation! I very much like the way you engage your students in the thinking process. You are awesome!” – Zia

“Barb, I wanted to say thank you! Because of your great article, I realized that my husband was not ‘stuck’ nor did he have ‘zero options.’ It really was the starting push I needed to help him get through this difficult time. And he did – he graduated on Saturday with his Ph.D. So thank you for emailing me back all those months ago. I truly appreciate your guidance and wisdom.” (On file with network coordinator)

“Barb, OMG! Had to share with you! I know you know this, but this would not have happened if you had not edited this manuscript. Thank you so much for making me look so good:> ‘For the first time since I have been involved in the journal, we have a paper that has been considered suitable for publication without changes! The review process is complete now and each reviewer has indicated that they think that your paper is interesting, suitable for publication and can be published without any changes As such, I have pleasure in advising you that your paper has been accepted for publication in Risk Management.’“ (On file with network coordinator)

“I submitted my paper and received the comment below from my advisor. You were also helpful in getting my work done properly. Thank you and let’s all celebrate. Here is his comment: ‘I can’t find enough adjectives to express how impressed I am by your paper. Without question, this is the best master’s theses I have ever read, and I have mentored nearly 40 of these by now. May I use this as an example? When do you want to present your work? Again, your work is just excellent!’ My presentation is scheduled for tomorrow!”  (On file with network coordinator)

“I am reading my proposal again and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help me complete my first 3 chapters. When I first contacted you, I had been at a standstill for over a year because my advisor had rejected my dissertation proposal for the 2nd time and I had to start over again. I had lots of people telling me not to give up but I did not know who to turn to for help. I would sit at my computer then just get up and walk away. In the short time that you have helped me, I have a proposal that my advisor thinks is one of the best he has ever seen. I don’t feel that our work together is done but you are phenomenal and I am so glad that you got me back on track. It is not only your editorial skills that has helped me, it’s also the support and encouragement you have given me along the way.” (On file with network coordinator)

“When I got back last night, I had a message from dear ol’ NCU. The IRB for my research has been accepted and I have permission to proceed! I have already been gathering research of course, and will begin working on Chap. 4. I want to thank you for all your help and encouragement so far!” — (On file with coordinator)

“I passed my oral defense and earned my Master’s degree. I couldn’t have done it without you.” —Scott Webb

“Everything has been closed off and I have formally graduated. No real changes that needed your attention. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support over this journey. I very much appreciated your help and encouragement. I found your insights invaluable not only in editing my paper but in helping me navigate the complexities of the process.” —Peter Charlton

“I can’t tell you how great this experience has been or how much I appreciate the time and personal attention you have shown to me. You happened to come along at a lull in my self confidence, confidence I truly need in order to go out there and keep plugging away. I could feel that you genuinely cared and wished me well. I feel that I have not only gained an editor, but a mentor, teacher, and partner in my future writing success. I never planned on that, but sometimes the best things to come along are the ones we don’t plan. I fully intend on working with you again and would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.” —Laura Bramble

“My proposal has been on hold because the research committee chair wanted to push the IRB once more with my proposal as it was. He did it! The IRB chair’s response was: ‘There are certainly no IRB issues at this time.’ Hurray!” —Jennie (contact information on request)

“I am walking on the clouds. Thanks to you, I have been granted the title, Doctor of Education by Oklahoma State University. Thanks for your wonderful assistance.” —Ken Kilgore

“Barbara has been extremely supportive and amazing. I can’t imagine life without her. She has saved me so much time and worry. She is a God-send, and I am so appreciative for her support and commitment! She is truly one-of-a-kind!” —(Contact info on request)

“Dr. Von Diether is an exceptional scholar. Her writing and presentation skills are among the very best I have worked with in over 30 years of college and university teaching and administration. She knows and understands scholarly writing.” —Kerry Romesburg, president, Jacksonville University, 2008

“My advisor turned down my research proposal for over a year! Then I hired Barbara to edit and advise. The fantastic bonus was the advice about how to manage my advisor! It smoothed a bad relationship, he passed my proposal, and I am now collecting my data!” —Edward Gomez, 2007

“You were absolutely correct!! My advisor accepted my proposal after I incorporated your changes and recommendations and it is now in the hands of my committee. When I finish Chapters 4 and 5, I will contact you – I very much appreciate your guidance and counsel. It changed a frustrating situation into a success!” —Peter Charles, 2008

“There are a few things in life that elicit the most awesome and overwhelming feelings in a person. Please allow me to share with you a moment in my life worth sharing: Last Monday morning I successfully defended my dissertation and, for the first time, heard those words I’ve been longing to hear: ‘Congratulations Dr. Gomez.’ Barb, I want to thank you for all you did; your expertise, professionalism, and wisdom were instrumental in my achieving this goal.” —DR!! Gomez, 2008

“Hey Barb, I just successfully defended my dissertation. I want to thank you for being a bright light for me at a point when I was down in the dumps and wanting to throw in the towel. You really motivated me with your guidance and great attitude and now that I am done, I just wanted you to be the first person I thanked because your encouragement had a profound impact on me. Thank you for being you…Nick : )” 2008

“Looks good to me! Again, I am so grateful for your time. You are one-of-a-kind, and a lot more than just an ‘editor!'” —Sandra Smith, 2008

“I can’t begin to tell you how long I have been stuck in this phase. My time is now running out. I have the utmost respect for my committee, but I strongly feel as though I have received little guidance and it has been very discouraging. I decided to seek outside assistance after speaking to classmates – they informed me that this is what they had to do to get through their programs.” —Shelley Wilson, 2008

“Can you come to my graduation? I’ll send you plane tickets!” —Samuel Elliott, 2007

“Dr. Von Diether was one of our most valued consultants for 12 years because of her ability to teach and the art of writing in business, industry, and government. Her ability to write and/or edit business documents of all kinds for clients was unparalleled among 60 consultants.” —Steve Shipley, President and CEO, Shipley Associates, 2007

“Barbara provided an excellent service. I felt that the service was in the form of a partnership with Barbara who offered continuous support and expertise to ensure that we ended up with the best document possible. Her interest and encouragement helped me move through a difficult process in an easy and enjoyable way. She contacted me throughout the process and asked for additional input were she felt it was needed. I have used other service providers before and have found that you send the document to them and it disappears into a black hole later to emerge in a format that clearly shows that the editor had no interest in what they were reading and full of errors.”

“Barbara clearly understands the needs of the distance-learning student and the problems of working on dissertations with such institutions. She was also willing to work with the requirements of my specific school in relation to the differences in APA format and the schools requirements. I will certainly continue to use her throughout the rest of my dissertation process.” —(Contact info on request)

“Barbara’s help was incredible!  Her guidance and expertise were a major help in this process!” —(Contact info on request)

“I have been absolutely thrilled with Barbara.  She has become a tremendous resources for me.  I will recommend her and continue to use her!” —Darryl Rosen, president, grslamresults.com

“I did it! I passed! It was an unconditional pass from all faculty members!  The head of my department said it was one of the top 3 defenses he has ever seen and probably one of the most professional presentations ever… and he has been doing this for over 20 years!!!  Talk about feeling good!!!! I am so very happy!!!” — (Contact information on request)

“I spoke to one individual from the Internet yesterday who professed to be a qualitative expert, but when I began to discuss my potential qualitative methodology with him on the telephone and mentioned ‘phenomenology’, he said ‘What’s that?’ I received a ‘U’ grade for the first concept paper course. I was very impressed that you’d made these very astute observations with only an initial scan for which I’d not paid. I was also very pleased that they were spot-on! You’ve already done more to improve my paper than my dissertation chair has done in six months.”

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