Dr. Rebecca Andrews: PhD in Biometrics and Statistics

biometrics statistician Dr. Rebecca AnderewsDr. Rebecca Andrews holds a PhD in Biometrics and Statistics with specialization in non-parametric methods. With over 20 publications, she is the co-author and the biostatistician of studies published in top rank medical journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) and Pediatric Emergency Care and Vaccine.

During her graduate years she worked as a fellow researcher at the London School of Economics. After she earned her doctorate Dr. Andrews worked as biostatistician at Columbia University Medical Center and at the Mailman School of Public Health. During her extensive career as biostatistician she has advised many graduate students with their dissertations in the fields of medicine, sociology, nursing, and psychology.

Dr. Andrews walks her students through all the steps needed for completing solid and sound research: (1) formulating the study hypothesis; (2) selecting and collecting data (e.g., interviews, surveys, administrative records); designing a sample plan (simple random, systematic, stratified or clustered sampling, or more complex designs); (4) database structure; (5) data cleaning and consistency checks; (6) appropriate analysis from data description and bivariate analysis (student t-test, chi-square, McNemar test of marginal homogeneity) to multivariable analysis (linear regressions, MANOVA, mixed-effects or multilevel models). She helps students select the most appropriate techniques given the nature of their data—continuous or categorical variables, small or large samples.

Dr. Andrews has expertise in working and programming with various statistical packages such as SPSS and Stata.

Ph.D. in Biometrics and Statistics
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

MSc in Biometrics and Statistics 
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor’s degree in Market Research
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor’s degree in Statistics
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Visiting Scholar
Center for the Study of Wealth and Inequality, ISERP, Columbia University

Research Fellow 
STICERD, London School of Economics


Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health

Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Associate Research Scientist
Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Associate Research Scientist
General Pediatrics, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC)

Senior Staff Associate
General Pediatrics, CUMC

Senior Staff Associate
Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Visiting Associate Research Scientist
Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC)


Division of General Pediatrics Statistical Consulting Core, CUMC
Biostatistician. Provided statistical support to writing grants, research and evaluation design and planning analyses to other researchers of the division.  

Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health, Columbia University
Biostatistician/Researcher. Conduct impact evaluation of the WIC in the NY state in awareness and prevention of overweight and obesity.  Perform multilevel and longitudinal data analysis.
Funder: Robert Wood Johnson

Mobile Health Research, Columbia University Medical Center
Co-Investigator/Biostatistician.  I have participated in the design, implementation and evaluation  of  4 randomized controlled trials to study the effectiveness of text message as reminder/recalls to improve vaccination rates in the pediatric population ( Kharbanda and Stockwell, PIs) and the effectiveness of daily educational text messages to improve oral contraceptive continuation in young women (Castano, PI).
Funders: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), CDC, Affinity Plan

London School of Economics and A&R, Inland Revenue, UK
Statistician/Reseacher. Study of the Drivers of the Corporate Tax in UK, under  supervision of professor Frank Cowell (LSE) and Colin Yeend (RP A&R, Inland Revenue).
Funder: Inland Revenue, UK


How do I Include Categorical Variables in My Regression Model?

What’s the Appropriate Test for My Cross Tabulation?


“Dr. Andrews was very professional and patient with me during my tutoring sessions. She was able to explain the concepts in a way that I understood. She was very prompt in responding back to my emails. I would recommend her for anyone who needs assistance in quantitative statistics.”
Jack Armstrong

“Rebecca was kind and considerate, yet the utmost professional. Any questions or concerns were answered promptly. Her expertise and experience is displayed in her work. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my project and would recommend Dr. Andrews to anyone searching for professional guidance. If I ever need help with future projects, I will contact Rebecca. I just feel really comfortable working with her.”
(Contact information on request.)

“I am extremely happy with the services I received from Dr. Andrews. She was very patient with me. She explained things in small steps, gave examples, valuable tips, and gave clear instructions. She discovered quickly the challenges I had with my data. She understood that I was a beginner using the SPSS program and the statistic tests. She always had encouraging words to motivate me to go on.”
(Contact information on request.)

“It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. I particularly appreciated her flexibility in scheduling meetings, her promptness in responding to my statistical questions, and her assistance with conducting sophisticated analyses related to my thesis project.” Annika Hofstetter, Research Fellow, New York- Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center

“Rebecca provided me with invaluable technical, statistical support and training for my dissertation. She challenged my thinking, conducted flawless analytical work, and made me a stronger quantitative researcher. Rebecca’s mastery of statistics and different modeling and analytical techniques made solving complex data challenges easy and manageable. She was 100 percent reliable, thoughtful, understanding, and engaged. She often re-arranged her schedule to meet last-minute dissertation deadlines. Even though Rebecca was not a formal member of my dissertation committee, I consider her my most active member. I am certain that by working with Rebecca, I saved about 6 months of time.”
Allison Goldberg, Mailman School of Public Health Health, PhD graduate

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