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Research Statisticians


  • Linda Deacon has served as an independent statistical consultant since 1985. She has coordinated the data management and statistical analysis of state and federally funded longitudinal and multi-center research. She has co-authored several articles published in the fields of medicine and psychology and has assisted in the editing of statistical textbooks and documentation for statistical software. She has designed and assisted in the development of survey instruments currently in use at various medical centers, universities and county regional centers. She regularly advises doctoral candidates on the formulation, statistical analysis and interpretation of research hypotheses.
    Scope includes: Survey design, formulating hypotheses, content organization, data analysis, results analysis, APA formatted graphs and tables, PowerPoint presentations.
  • Victoria Briones: Organizational Psychology, Statistics: (SEM; using AMOS, LISREL, and EQS). Victoria helps graduate students in psychology, education, nursing, biology, and business hone their study hypotheses, arrive at better operational definitions of their study variables, and improve procedures to increase the internal and/or external validity of their study. She also performed general statistical procedures such as reliability analyses, non-parametric tests (e.g., Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, and chi-square tests), t-tests, analysis of variance (ANOVA), analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and linear regression. Further, she conducted multivariate tests such as multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), logistic regression, and structural equation modeling (SEM; using AMOS, LISREL, and EQS). Victoria also created summary tables and graphs of statistical findings and helped students interpret their study results. More importantly, she enjoyed explaining basic statistical procedures and findings to clients who had a limited understanding of such concepts.

Qualitative Research Consultants

  • Richard Oaks, PhD studied psychology and sociology at Harvard, received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Michigan, then did two post-doctoral fellowships at Yale. Since then he has taught many courses on research methods, including a doctoral level course in quantitative research design, statistics, and SPSS. Students in this class—most of whom were initially uncomfortable with math—appreciated his ability to explain statistical concepts in clear, simple terms, without the use of complex mathematical equations. Rick can help you:
    •  turn your initial, informal ideas into statistically testable hypotheses
    •  design questionnaires that are likely to produce statistically significant results
    • analyze the data and report the results
    • discuss, in your dissertation, the larger implications of these results for theory or policy

Most important, he can teach you how to analyze the data yourself, so that your dissertation will clearly be your own work, not the work of a statistics consultant.

  • Richard Pollard (Ph.D. Harvard University) has held professorships at Northeastern University, University of Arizona, and Lewis & Clark College. He has served as chair or reader on numerous doctoral dissertations in management, organizational development, leadership, nursing, homeland security, and social/environmental sustainability.
    • He designed the doctoral programs at Colorado Technical University and served as the founding Chancellor of CTU’s Institute for Advanced Studies, where he oversaw all dissertation chairs and readers. He has taught statistics and research methods at all levels from undergraduate through doctoral.
    • He served as founding editor of International Journal of Small Group Research for five years before merging it with Sage Publications’ Small Group Behavior to create Small Group Research, which he editor for another eighteen years. He has chaired management programs, served as System Dean of Business and Management at CTU and as Chief Academic Officer at Daniel Webster College and the New England Institute of Art. He has been awarded Fullbright and National Science Foundation international research grants that supported his research in Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Germany. He has published extensively in management and social science journals.
    • His primary areas of expertise include organizational behavior, organization development, small groups and teams, leadership, psychology, sociology, research methods and statistics.
    • He is currently devoting his time to teaching online and working with masters and doctoral student and theses and dissertations.

Network Coordinator

Network Coordinator at A+ English, LLC
Formed in 1998, Book Editing Associates is a one-stop shop for writers who need professional book editors, tested proofreaders, published ghostwriters, and publishing consultants.
Network Coordinator

Network Coordinator

Formed in 1998, Book Editing Associates is a one-stop shop for writers who need professional book editors, tested proofreaders, published ghostwriters, and publishing consultants.

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