Attaining a PhD

The journey towards receiving one of the highest honors in the academic world is not one that comes without peril. People brave enough to tread this path will face huge loads of course work, constant work scrutiny, research technique revision, and everything that accompanies the dreaded dissertation process. Although this seems to be a quest that no one could ever see through, a small margin of people make it to the end, with the resulting claim of the title of Dr. as their own. In this article, we will briefly look over some of the many things that go into striving for and achieving a PhD. The subject matter may change, depending on the specialty you want to receive your doctorate in, but the structure will be the same.

Preconceived Notions

The first reason many find the journey to attaining a doctorate foolish is because it may not necessarily be the means for a wage increase in your field. If the reasoning behind attaining your PhD is strictly monetary, than you may want to rethink your decision. The reception of a PhD is one that should be sought after because of a thirst for knowledge and subject advancement in your field of study. The rigorous and tiring work can wear down someone with less solid reasons. Also, another preconceived notion is that the dissertation is impossible to do and finish. Well, the funny thing is, it has been done by doctoral recipients across the globe. Don’t let the fear of this paper be responsible for you not trying to attain it. If you need help with statistics, there are services that can help you produce the right research and wording to tackle this paper head-on and be triumphant.

Primary Portion of the PhD

The bulk of the PhD is spent doing course work and completing your residency. You coursework will be important for you to complete successfully, as the teaching staff wants you entering your residency at the optimal level of understanding. This gives you a solid foundation to start with and hopefully reach completion successfully. It is important that the course work not be underestimated because of the familiarity you may have with it. Capitalize on the opportunity to try and absorb as much knowledge and methods as possible, because they will be put to use in your residency. In your residency, you will be placed somewhere where you can accrue research, information, and practice for your dissertation and advancement into the professional world. The completion of your residency will usher in your next step of submitting your dissertation.


The last portion of your doctoral pursuit will be the approval of your faculty. They will assess you to make sure that you are ready and have learned enough to attain the title of Dr. If all of your skills and your dissertation is assessed and proved to be competent, they will pass you and you’ll proceed to graduation.

Receiving a PhD is not an easy task by any means, but if you truly work hard and keep a positive attitude about the process, you will be finished before you know it.

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