James N. Bond

APA Format for Dissertations and Theses

James Bond

With MA degrees in both English Literature and Religious Studies, Jim is a former Professor of English Literature. He has been editing, coaching, and tutoring writers and students for years. He has been an in-house APA proofreader of doctoral dissertations at the Fielding University since 2000. He excels at working both with beginners and established writers.

Jim also works with international / ESL students. Specializing in APA, MLA, and non-academic Chicago styles, he is an internationally published author, with books issued by major houses: Prentice Hall, William Morrow, Hosei University Press (Japan), Pensamento (Brazil), Thassalia (Spain), Hans-Ulrich Möhring (Germany), and Sterling (India).

APA Editing Services

Proofreading for correct seriation (lists of items in a series), smoothness of expression, continuity of presentation of ideas, tone, wordiness, redundancy, word choice, colloquial expressions and jargon, use of pronouns, illogical or ambiguous comparisons, anthropomorphism, bias (gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic identity, age), verb usage such as passive voice, agreement of subject and verb, pronouns, misplaced and dangling modifiers, relative pronouns, parallel construction, periods, commas, semicolons, colons, dashes, quotation marks, parentheses, slashes, hyphenation, spelling, capitalization, italics, abbreviations, statistical symbols, and numbers.

Feedback / Testimonials

“The turnaround time was excellent. The work was fabulous!!” – Nova University student. (Contact info on request)

“The work was returned extra fast and I was very pleased with the results. Even though I had my work checked by a friend for whom English is a first language, Mr. Powell found lots of grammatical mistakes and improved style and grammar of my thesis greatly.” – Violeta Kolundzic, York University

“Mr. Powell has been an exceptional help with my editing/proof-reading and APA style errors. I am going to use his editing for each chapter of my dissertation this year. Quick response time and personable! Very pleased!” – Terri Lechnyr, Psychiatric Social Worker/Ph.D Candidate, Capella University