Research Is The Foundation For Strong Academic Assignments

Research is the one aspect of any paper that could potentially make or break the entire assignment. Done right, it could lead to positive feedback and accolades. Done wrong and you could bring about your own scholastic execution. Okay, so bad research isn’t as bad as the last statement makes it seem. But, when there are so many ways for you to have access to research, there should be no reason you can’t have properly done and cited research. In this article, we will present some ways for you to do research for your academic papers. Although the skill of researching may seem simple, it is important to have guidelines to maximize the potential strength of your academic paper.

Literary Text and Studies

Possibly the oldest form of research is the use of text and study. There are tons of books written and produced about many topics in our modern world. Searching for the right book for your research is an important skill. Go to your school, local library, or personal collection to find books on topics that support not only the field you are studying in, but also the thesis of the academic paper. Research is an important component to the dissertation statistics that doctoral students must utilize in their dissertations. That means that research is a skill that you will be using for the duration of your time in college or graduate school.

Online Searches

This form of academic research has become exceedingly more popular as technology has been on the rise. There are now websites and tools where you can do academic searches and find academic articles, research, and books to help provide information and insight on the topic you wish to write about. You could also simply use,, or any other search engine, but when doing this it is important to make sure that you can cite the work you may find from web engines such as these.

Focus Group

Using a focus group is a more advanced form of research. This requires you to find a group of people and ask their ideas, attitudes, or opinions towards a topic. You must be careful with this method because improperly vetted people for this process can lead to bad statistics and information. It is important that you keep the group’s focus towards what you want to explore and need answered for your research. The focus group method of research takes more time and energy, partly because of the specific information and research you are trying to ascertain from the people you have gathered, and partly due to the effort it takes to organize such a group.

Personal Interviews

One of the most insightful tactics of research is using personal interviews. This can often give the writer not only insights from people who relate to the field they are studying, but allows for firsthand observation of the effect their field of study has had on a person, as well. The important part of the personal interview, when it pertains to research, is having the right questions ready for the interviewee. If you don’t formulate them correctly, you could come out with no new information at all.

Researching is a skill that if practiced can be strengthened. Remember, with good research comes good papers.

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